Southwestern Artist's Association

Gallery 23

Peri Earlywine


Sadly, Peri Earlywine passed away on August 13th after a short stay in the hospital. She had been an active and integral member of the SWAA for a very long time.  She and her husband helped renovate Studio 23 into the beautiful space it is today.  She served in several positions on the board and gave generously of her time and expertise. She started painting watercolors later in life, after a career in interior and creative design. She believed that color and design affected people deeply on an emotional level and strove to create works of harmony and beauty to help people become happier individuals. She touched the lives of so many and will be profoundly missed.

'One night about ten years ago I had dinner with Peri and Bill in their home. When I left she asked me to call her when I got home to ensure my safe return. I did so, we spoke for a minute, said goodbye, and I noticed she was still talking. Thinking she was speaking to me, I listened (never would I eavesdrop). This is what I heard:
"I can't believe you're just sitting there in your chair while I do all these dishes. I cooked all afternoon and now I'm cleaning up all evening and I won't be in bed till 11. And what are you doing? You're sitting there in your chair relaxing and watching me do all the work. Next time, I'm coming back as a boy so I don't have to do this shit anymore!"'

- Karen, a Friend